Gypsy Fortune Teller by Heni Kaman



DIMENSIONS (Height - 20.00 cm X Width - 25.50 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Paper
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36647-0142-01
COPYRIGHT © Heni Kaman
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Artist: Heni Kaman


About me - Ar tfor Fun creative studio - Facebook

         My name is Heni Kaman, I am a Melbourne based free-lance mixed media Artist and illustrator. I run creative workshops for all ages. For years I worked as a cartographer, but after many long years yearning for a creative lifestyle, I decided to give up my day job and follow my heart. Since then, I've worked in Advertising, Designing cards, Fliers, Posters, Campaigns, Contemporary craft, and plenty of anything that catches my interest.

 I have been creating, drawing and painting since I can remember. I studied art from a young age, am self-taught and really just paint and create for the fun of it. My designs are inspired by travels around the globe, and particularly from my childhood in Europe. I work with both traditional and digital mediums and use inks, acrylic, water colour and clay as well as various types of graphic and illustration software.

 Many of my artworks are painted or drawn on canvas or paper with the occasional digital creation.  I enjoy exploring many different mediums, often mixing them and employing them in non-traditional ways. Currently, I’m fascinated by the power of colours, how colour affects people’s radiation, energy and imagination. As a mum I love designing pictures and select colour ranges to stimulate children’s imagination. I love merging vivid colours, creating architectural designs and am keen to illustrate books.

I work from a mini office / studio where I’m constantly exploring more and more art methods. It keeps my mind busy and turns my creations into very spontaneous pieces

So far, I have participated in gallery exhibitions, art & craft markets mainly around Melbourne, some on the island of Tasmania, display artworks in restaurants and retail venues and running creative art classes for preschool and primary school age. I also like to support people with non-English speaking background. For many years, I have been participating, organizing major events, creative workshops for the Melbourne Hungarian community centre and kinder.

So welcome to my world of creativity, I hope you enjoy looking around, and if you see anything you like, please let me know. I will always value input. visit "art for fun creative studio" on Facebook or follow me on Instragam artforfun creative studio

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